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Cashless Health Checkup’s for Retail Policy Holders and Corporate Employee’s
Cashless Health Checkup’s for Retail Policy Holders and Corporate Employee’s

It is imperative everyone over the age of 35 gets a regular annual health checkup. It has been proven and advised by doctors that a full body screen/executive health checkup is important once a year.

What do these checkups entail? They entail a comprehensive checkup including blood tests i.e. pathology tests and body scans i.e. radiology tests for a complete understanding of the body in an easy, simple, fast and non invasive way. The aim of the checkups being finding ailments before they become severe enough of needing surgical or clinical intervention but rather an preventive and wellness approach.

How is it cashless? Your Insurance policy generally comes with a clause that the same can be availed as per the terms of the policy, generally once every year without a claim. You may undertake the health checkup and get a reimbursement of the amount up to a specified limit depending on your policy.

You may undertake your Health Checkup at MediWheel at a discounted price using the following packages:

Reduces Health Risks

Medical problems are easily identified and treated before they become severe through regular check-ups. For example, detecting high blood sugar levels early can aid in diabetes management and the prevention of various complications associated with the disease.

Saves Costs in the Long Run

Early detection of health issues also helps in minimizing huge expenses at a later stage by reducing the risk of potential health ailments and prevent the cost of surgery or any other serious expenditure


Common tests which are covered under health check-up include a complete blood test including CBC/Lipid Profile/Thrroid profile etc when it comes to assessing the functions of vital organs in the body, such as heart, kidneys and liver. And tests like Ecg, Xray, TMT, Ultrasound etc.


Many people have this misconception that if any disease is found during complimentary health check-up, it may affect the insurance premium. This is far from being true. Once you have been issued a policy, the insurance premium will not vary based on your health report. Insurance companies only take into account any pre-existing diseases you have at the time of policy purchase.

Disclaimer:Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about your health insurance plans cover as conditions may vary.

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© 2018-2024, Arcofemi Healthcare Limited.