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Why you need Mediwheel

Our products are shaped around unique individual and cohort requirements.

Employee Assistance Programmes

Counselling, assessments and multimedia resources to better employees’ mental and emotional well-being.

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HR Consultations & Assessments

AP-India works with HR to gain deeper understanding of complicated employee relations with expert coaching consultations,

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Workshops & Development Programs

Our team of psychologists and facilitators have expertise in delivering psycho-educational and behavioral change

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Stress Reduction Initiatives

Behavioral coaching can help Leader and Managers change the way they think, be more reflective and deal better with ambiguity.

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We Improve Mentel Health for a Variety of Cases

Mediwheel Approach

Emotional & Mental Health is expertise we insurer member employee get the care and attention to deal with stress angergrif anxiety loss or sadness to over come & thrive
We ensure organisation & hr set the requisites training to identify and deal with mental health issues then

leading professional

Custom tailored programs

Robust system & process

How It Works

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Why Mediwheel

Mediwheel is a leading Healthtech & Corporate wellness Company We one



What is an EAP?
An EAP is a classified help that upholds your association's prosperity and psychological well-being on an everyday premise. It offers a scope of customized help from proficient instructors giving a place of refuge to discuss life's difficulties to self improvement assets like websites, evaluations and substantially more.
Why does my organisation need an EAP?
Workers are much of the time befuddled about choices or under pressure, making it difficult for them to plainly think. Different times, certain individuals in your labor force may very well need a new point of view on something that has been at the forefront of their thoughts. Couldn't it be astonishing on the off chance that there were experts who could assist you with and that's just the beginning simply a summon?
Is it confidential?
Privacy and trust are the actual premise of expert guiding. The connection is straightforwardly among you and 1to1help. No names or individual subtleties of representatives will be imparted to the organization or beyond the organization (except if there is a danger to life or commanded by regulation).
What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and why should SMEs implement it?
A Representative Help Program (EAP) is a work environment drive intended to focus on representatives' emotional wellness and prosperity in little and medium-sized organizations. It offers private directing, significant assets, and backing administrations to assist representatives with taking care of an extensive variety of individual and business related difficulties, particularly in the present unpleasant and flighty business climate.
Carrying out an EAP can be a significant procedure for SMEs to assist people with adapting successfully to the tensions of an Unpredictable, Unsure, Complex, and Equivocal (VUCA) climate. An EAP can have a huge effect by supporting flexibility, forestalling burnout, and without hesitation tending to pressure. Our experience and exploration show that our financially savvy Mediwheel EAP, tantamount to the cost of an espresso, can prompt diminished non-attendance, expanded efficiency, higher representative consistency standards, and the production of a positive work culture.
Is this EAP only for employees, or can they include family members?
We give the decision to amount to 3 wards at a negligible expense. This lengthy inclusion upholds the prosperity of representatives' families and improves balance between fun and serious activities. It likewise empowers admittance to family and couples advising administrations, helping the two workers and their friends and family
How can SMEs select the right EAP for their organization?
While choosing an EAP supplier, SMEs ought to consider significant elements like quality, administration assortment, privacy, versatility, openness, and cost. It is essential to assess various suppliers, demand recommendations, and adjust their administrations to the association's objectives, culture, and future. With more than 20 years of mastery, Mediwheel is the main trailblazer in the Indian EAP industry, offering a solid and laid out family.

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